Note: Due to time constraints and a lot of work to do this list hasn’t been updated in quite a while and doesn’t necessarily reflect the current state of developments. Sometime in future I will redesign this website entirely.

thumbnail of artistShare website

artistShare, New York, NY

I have worked at artistShare for a while, mostly doing the HTML coding (including some of the artist’s websites) and implementation of ASP.NET applications.
I also did some minor graphical works on some of the artist’s websites (such as

This was in the very beginning of my career.

thumbnail of the reFX website

reFX, Mainz, Germany

I designed the new website of reFX, a company producing music production software.

Responsibilities: graphic design.

thumbnail of the ProStores website

ProStores, San José, CA

Commissioned by Adam London I was part of the development team for the redesigned ProStores website.

Responsibilities: front-end development (XHTML/CSS) and graphic optimization.

thumbnail of the ULMAN website

ULMAN, Halle (Saale)/Leipzig, Germany

I developed the website of the band ULMAN including XHTML, CSS, and full setup of and implementation into CMS Made Simple (with basic e-commerce functionality) and also created their MySpace layout.

thumbnail of the Spreadyo website

Spreadyo, Hamburg, Germany

Spreadyo is a new social web site where people can post their opinion and find mindbuddies worldwide. I coded some of the website templates for later implementation into a CMS.

Responsibilities: front-end development (XHTML/CSS) and graphic optimization.

thumbnail of the website of the Duncker-Oerding Duo

Duncker-Oerding-Duo, Halle (Saale), Germany

Saxophonist Bastian Duncker and guitarist Clemens Oerding formed the Duncker-Oerding-Duo and commissioned me to develop their new website. I did the design, coding, and implementation with a content management system as well as designing their business cards (in the style of the website).

thumbnail of the website of the “Spielvereinigung Sued”

Spielvereinigung Sued, Leipzig/Halle, Germany

The website of the jazz big band Spielvereinigung Sued (which I happen to be a member of) is completely my creation from design to development.

Responsibilities: graphic design, front-end development (XHTML/CSS/JS), and CMS implementation.

thumbnail of the fortissimo–Band’s website

fortissimo Band, Halle (Saale), Germany

In the fortissimo-Band are some of my friends and I’ve modernized their old website (originally with frameset) quasi as a complimentary job. I did the complete design and coding work. The only thing that is left from the original website is the navigation bar.

thumbnail of the Husky Zone website

Husky Zone Webdesign, Faribault, MN

I coded some website templates (in XHTML & CSS) for the custom SMS (Site Management System) of Husky Zone Webdesign which provides website design and hosting in the Faribault area of Minnesota.

thumbnail of New York Freudian Society’s website

New York Freudian Society, New York, NY

For the New York Freudian Society I did some minor changes to their website such as adding, updating, and removing content and renovating some of their very old code (frameset with a lot of tables and barely CSS). They have a new website since (without my cooperation) – no frames anymore but still table based layout…

thumbnail of André Bauer’s website

André Bauer, Leipzig, Germany

André Bauer is a saxophone player and musical colleague of mine, based in Leipzig, Germany. I designed and coded his personal website.

thumbnail of the Black Coffee band website

Black Coffee, Leipzig, Germany

A website I designed and coded entirely is the website of the funk and soul band Black Coffee (where I’m actually playing trombone).

thumbnail of the BlueWho website

BlueWho, Los Angeles, CA

Designed by the great London based designer Vishnu Prakash the new website of the web hosting provider BlueWho needed to be coded and implemented into a CMS (which I did, of course).