This website provides access to its pages via keyboard using access keys.
The access keys for this website are:

In different browsers and systems there are different ways on how to access the pages with the keyboard.


In Netscape and Mozilla Firefox you just hold the Alt key and press the according access key.

In Internet Explorer you hold the Alt key and press the according access key to focus the link. You need to press the Enter key to access the page.

In Opera – quoted from their website:

Access keys used by pages may conflict with Opera’s own shortcuts, so to activate access keys in Opera, you will need to switch into access-key mode first. Press Shift+Esc to enter access-key mode. You can then press the appropriate access key to activate the link or form input. To exit access-key mode, press Shift+Esc again. Access-key mode will automatically exit as soon as you press an access key, or load another page.

For example; if a page offers the access key S to search the site, you could activate the search by pressing Shift+Esc then S.

Mac OS

In Mac Browsers you hold down the Control key and press the appropriate access key.